DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket Has A Lemonade Stand And A Raiders Fan Mom

These kids have a lemonade stand. A passing jogger (played by Gloria Garayua) is thirsty and wants a cup. But it’s gametime and the kids’ mom is a big Raiders fan. She pours all the lemonade from the Raiders’ embossed pitchers into one giant, diabetes-inducing cup. Time to pack up and go in! Justina Machado plays the mom.

NFL Shop Shows A Man Wearing A Ridiculous Light-Up Raiders Sweater At Christmas Dinner

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland/soon to be Las Vegas Raiders have one of the fiercest rivalries in the NFL. It’s the kind of thing that can cause discord between fans. Here we see a man going to his in-laws’ Christmas dinner. He tries to wear a Raiders jersey…she says no. So he goes one better and dons this ridiculous light-up Raiders ugly Christmas sweater. Her family are all Chiefs fans, and they don’t look amused. I’m quite amused, however. Jen Flanagan plays the wife…anyone know who’s the husband?

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