Purina Tidy Cats Asks “Have You Smelled This New Litter?”

That’s the question this woman asks to a man. He says no, but it’s kind of a trick question because “Nobody has! It’s unscented!” The woman seems very pleased by her witty rapport about Tidy Cats Free & Clean Unscented litter, and her feline friend rewards her with a high five and a quick meow. Because cats just love giving high fives, right? Cute cat though. And the guy’s dumb expressions in profile are low-key quite amusing. The woman is played by Shi Ne Nielson.


Purina: Sam The Horse Finally Gets Adopted

This is a very sweet holiday commercial from Purina. Sam’s been in a stable for a long time, and wants to go home with a family. The closeup of Sam after the stable owner says “maybe next year” is so sad. But then a girl and her parents come. The girl is entranced by Sam, and he now has a forever home. Who’s cutting onions?


Tidy Cats: Angela Kinsey Warns Against Stank Face

Angela Kinsey is best known for her role on The Office as the dour, cat loving accountant Angela Martin. In real life, Angela Kinsey actually is a cat advocate. So she seems like a natural spokeswoman for Purina’s Tidy Cats, informing us about “stank face” caused by stinky litter boxes. Funny stuff.

Purina Cat Chow’s New York Kitty

One of the bad parts about living here is that I don’t have a cat anymore. I’m glad it worked out for Kimi and Atti.

Purina Cat Chow Tells The Heartwarming Story Of A Rain Rescued Cat

As much as us aspiring copywriters want to come up with “the perfect commercial”, the best stories are often right there in real life. This new Purina Cat Chow ad, apparently based on a true story from the Hutchison family, will no doubt resonate with thousands of cat owners who have had similar experiences. Lucy the cat and the Hutchisons are both lucky that they found each other.

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