Allstate’s Mayhem Is A St. Bernard Puppy Owned By Tina Fey

This time, Allstate’s Mayhem (played by Dean Winters) is a 70 pound St. Bernard puppy. He loves leaning out the car window, licking his owner while she’s driving, eating poop, and trying to eat leather purses. Luckily, his owner is Tina Fey, and she’s got this under control. Her focus is on the road, and that’s saving her cash with Allstate’s Drivewise. Useful. I never watched 30 Rock, but I’m sure 30 Rock fans will appreciate this one.


Amazon Shows A Puppy And Its New Family

Aww, this is a cute one from Amazon. A wife and kids surprise dad at home with a puppy. She orders puppy supplies and food on Amazon, even though he looks a bit reluctant to have a lil’ pooch. But in time, he’s cuddling in bed with the puppy. I’m not completely sure what kind of puppy it is…a YouTube comment says it’s most likely a Bernese Mountain Dog, which looks right. And the song playing is “(You) Got What I Need” by Freddie Scott (Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend” is an interpolation of it).

Wells Fargo Helps Pay When This Cute Puppy Makes A Mess On Pam’s Rug

In the fall, Wells Fargo had a big hit with their adorable cat commercial. Now they have a short ad demonstrating on easy it is to pay people on your phone. This Golden Retriever puppy had an accident on Pam’s rug, and her owners pay Pam $150 for cleaning. A blog viewer wrote to me asking if I knew who plays Pam. I don’t, but I will definitely add that if I find out.

These Subaru Ads Star A Driving Dog Family

The Barkleys were first featured in Subaru commercials two years ago (how did I miss these?). Now they’re back in more adorable ads created by Carmichael Lynch. In the longest one, Papa Barkley drives around at night with his sleepy puppy child. We also follow them in adventures around town. They have trouble communicating with the voice-activated phone navigation. In another, Mr. and Mrs. Barkley go out for a nice dinner, and have their car parked by a cat valet, who looks like he had a good time with their car. So cute.

If You Don’t Watch This Ad, A Puppy Will Be Killed!

YouTube videos often have short ads that can be skipped after five seconds. And 94 percent of them get skipped after the first five seconds. I write a blog about ads, and I still skip these ads. So Nail Communications, a Providence, Rhode Island agency has an interesting way to make you watch. The same tactic was used on an old National Lampoon magazine cover, but still, it’s pretty notable. And it’s got a great 26% view rate. I’m glad that adorable puppy didn’t get electrocuted, and I’m glad the ASPCA will get some extra dough.



Budweiser Has A Super Bowl Ad With A Puppy AND The Clydesdales

Budweiser is always a huge Super Bowl advertiser, and this spot is a big hit, garnering more than 1.5 million views since being released earlier today. People love puppies and people love the Clydesdales, so if you combine the two, you know it’ll be popular. The song is “Let Her Go” by Passenger.

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