Progressive’s Still Working From Home And Jamie Has A “Beard”

The WFH saga continues for the Progressive gang. This time, Jamie apologizes for showing up late and for his appearance. When Flo says he looks fine, Jamie responds that he looks like a wanted poster since he didn’t have time to get his beard routine in. The key is maple nectar, which gives it that sheen. The others are rightfully confused of course, because Jamie doesn’t actually have a beard. Rodney finally asks Jamie if he knows what a beard is. Good question.

Progressive’s Motaur Watches A Rambling Herd Of Motaurs

Progressive’s Motaur (played by Terrence Terrell) is back for a new ad. This time, he’s sitting atop a bluff spying at a herd of Motaurs with binoculars. When his regular human buddy on a motorcycle tries to talk, Motaur shushes him. The dramatic music and cinematography of this one make me feel like it’s a film reference, but I’m not sure. Anyone know?

Progressive Shows Off Work From Home Foibles

There are three broad categories of workers right now. You’re either unemployed (or furloughed), an essential worker who has to leave home, or you’re working from home. If you’re working from home, that means your job probably pays more, but it’s got downfalls too. You might have to balance your job with your kids who are from from school. And sometimes, your at-home technology isn’t the best. Progressive has a new “WFH” campaign showing of the foibles of Flo, Jamie, Mara and the best of the gang. Mara doesn’t realize you can mute on Zoom and says a bit too much. The gang faces tech issues with glitching, Flo not connecting, and “discosnouts.” Plus, Mara doesn’t play nice when she and Jamie have to do a role playing exercise.

Progressive: Dr. Rick Helps Hapless New Homeowners Who Are Turning Into Their Parents

Progressive’s “Turning Into Your Parents” campaign has been going on for a few years now (this spot is my favorite). They rely on the old adage that even though you might be embarrassed by your parents, many of us ultimately take on these characteristics as we age. So now Progressive has introduced Dr. Rick, a “Parenta-Life Coach” who’s here to help. On a group outing, he tells his clients not to use the speakerphone in a store or to offer unsolicited help to shoppers. And it’s OK if someone has blue hair! Additionally, Dr. Rick notes that everyone has silent on their phone and putting too many decorative pillows on a couch defeats the purpose of a couch. It’s a lighthearted riff on young people becoming like their parents and also on the younger generation’s reliance on therapists/life coaches. By the way, Dr. Rick is played by Bill Glass.

Progressive’s Flo Chats With Bigfoot (His Real Name Is Daryl)

Well, hello there. I hope you’re doing well and staying healthy. It’s been a little while since I’ve written. With the current state of world events (if you happen to be reading this years later, this is the world event I’m talking about), it seems kinda odd to be writing about silly commercials. But that’s what I’m here for, and that’s what I’ll do. In this Progressive spot, Flo is sitting down in the woods and having a heart-to-heart with a woolly creature. He says that everyone used to come out for blurry photos with him, but now they’re just now more interested in their RVs. Flo makes a mistake when she calls him Bigfoot though…his name is Daryl. This ad is appropriately named “Sadsquatch.”


Progressive’s Mara Is Quite Unappealing To Men At The Karaoke Bar

Most of the ads from the Progressive saga focus on Flo or Jamie, but this time Mara (played by Natalie Palamides) gets her 30 seconds in the spotlight. We’re at a karaoke bar where Jamie is performing in the background, and Flo is sitting at a table with Mara. Male suitors excitedly try to talk to Mara, but then when she tells them about her back rash, her annoying laugh, or her obsession with saving by bundling with Progressive, they all back away. As the title of the ad states, she’s “Off the Mara-ket.”


Progressive’s Jamie Moonlights As A Server At Portabella’s

Is Progressive not paying Jamie enough? Anyway, his name is now Robbie, and Flo is Pam. Robbie namedrops the Progressive Name Your Price tool. I don’t like mushrooms, but I wonder if I’d like mushroom puffers. The group of friends thought they were just going for a dinner at Portabella’s, but now they wonder if they’re in a Progressive commercial. Especially since there’s a Progressive commercial on the TV in the background. The Portabella’s song at the end is pretty amusing. Andrew Delman plays one of the male customers…anyone know the others?

Progressive’s Commercial Features A Halftime Show With Smash Mouth’s “All Star”

Progressive hasn’t had a Super Bowl commercial in more than 20 years, so they’re touching on that with this tongue-in-cheek ad. Flo is sitting on a couch with a couple discussing Progressive’s bundling when the commercial breaks for a “halftime show” and we get to enjoy a few lines from the chorus of Smash Mouth’s “All Star.” Then it’s back to Flo and the couple. Flo munches on some popcorn, and when questioned where it came from, she says “Your kitchen. It’s halftime.” Here’s more about the commercial from Adweek.

Progressive’s Snarky Sign Spinner Commercial

The snarky young sign spinner in these new Progressive commercials is focused on his job promoting Progressive. So focused in fact, that he won’t help out a driver trying to find I-70, and won’t talk to his dad until his break. I’m not sure that “Progressive isn’t helpful” is a great takeaway. Also, an observant commenter noted that the ad looks to be shot somewhere in the vicinity of Yonkers, NY…which is nowhere near I-70. Not your best work, Progressive.

2/10 update: I see they updated the commercial to make the sign spinner reluctantly help the driver. Cool?


Progressive Presents “At Home With Baker Mayfield”

Swagger-filled Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is one of the NFL’s young shining stars. And now Progressive is featuring him in a new campaign. In “At Home With Baker Mayfield”, we see Baker mow the lawn of “his home” while a befuddled groundskeeper looks on. And a pesky circuit breaker gives Baker trouble while his wife Emily tries to make a smoothie. Here’s more about the campaign from Adweek.

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