Aaron Rodgers Eats Pizza Hut With Some Dudes

I guess these Pizza Hut loving guys have moved on from Reggie Bush (who actually had the best performance of his career last year). But after the season Aaron Rodgers had, it’s understandable. These commercials are both somewhat charming and lunkheaded. The real reason for this post is because people have wondered about the song. It’s “Tonight Is the Night” by Outasight. Quite a catchy tune, which explains why it’s popped up in numerous commercials…Pepsi and Honda Civic being notable examples.

The Pizza Hut $10 Dinner Box Song

Lately, this has been one of my most popular posts. Which I found a little weird, since it’s been out for two months and was only really shown for a few weeks. I also haven’t seen the Super Bowl contest winning commercial since then. This has got to be what people are searching for. Here’s the Pizza Hut $10 Dinner Box song. Open up the box!

Sounds retro and catchy. The woman singing is Kojii Helnwein. She looks like Zooey Deschanel…wonder if Pizza Hut included her in this commercial to capitalize on Zooey’s popularity.

Some First Half Thoughts

Commercials have been pretty mediocre so far. The best ones are usually in the 3rd quarter.

The new Pizza Hut song is way less annoying than the old one. It’s also way less catchy.

Go Daddy is such a waste. Every year.

I wouldn’t shop at H&M anyway, but now that I had to watch David Beckham in his underwear, I really won’t shop there. But I guess a lot of women weren’t thrilled about Adriana Lima either.

It’s a bad idea to use your baby as a slingshot, but the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl spot was funny. The one with the dog was witty too.

Bud Light Platinum is such a stupid idea. But Budweiser also has my favorite commercial so far. It appeals to the drinker in me, the history buff in me, and the part of me that loves The Natural.

The Pizza Hut $10 Song

It’s stuck in my head. Sounds familiar, but I don’t know if it reminds of a particular song, or a composite of numerous songs. Anyone?


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