Indeed Shows A Recent College Grad Who Has To Move Back With His Parents

As someone who spent some time back with the parents shortly after graduation, this one hit close to home (pun absolutely intended). The young man in this Indeed commercial is always on his phone. His folks thought he’d be a little bit more motivated to find a job after graduation, but his phone. And then at dinner, he gets an Indeed notification that he’s got 3 interview requests for junior web developer jobs. Turns out he has been taking some action after all. I’m sure some baby boomer types will say that he should be more proactive and hitting the pavement passing out his resume in person, but nobody really gets jobs that way anymore, so whatever. It seems like unemployment among recent grads is a worldwide problem, since Indeed is also playing this spot in Canada, the UK, France, and the Netherlands. Michelle Jones plays the mom, Tom Jenkins is the dad, and Bryan Huey provides the voiceover. Anyone know who plays the son?


Geico: Alexander Graham Bell Talks Too Loudly On The Phone

We’re at a play. A woman (played by Kelly Vrooman) in a hot air balloon wants Barnabas to come away with her, but Barnabas resists. Suddenly, they’re interrupted by Alexander Graham Bell (played by Daniel Roebuck) answering a phone from the audience. “Ahoy-hoy” he says (that’s why Mr. Burns answers the phone “ahoy hoy”). It’s a wrong number…Graham Bell’s number is 1, the caller must want 2. They try to restart the play, but Alexander Graham Bell gets another call. Eesh.


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