Mike’s Harder Pushes The Phallic Imagery, But Just Tries Too Hard

Part of getting older involves changing tastes. At one point, Mike’s Hard Lemonade would have seemed like a decent drinking choice for me. Probably at the same time, these commercials for Mike’s Harder (i.e. boozier) would have made me chuckle. They’re blatantly sexual, using incredibly unsubtle erection metaphors: pitching a tent, an wildly spraying hose, a bobbing pool noodle, rising crescent rolls being compared to erectile dysfunction, and incredibly phallic pottery (with an additional huge cans joke). Combined with the sexy spokeswoman, these spots are quite adolescent. Of course, I’m not an adolescent anymore, so I see them for what they are: lame.

Radio Shack’s Very Suggestive Ad For The Beats Pill

It’s phallic and it knows it! The song is “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke f/ T.I. and Pharrell, and the commercial seems to be a parody version of the video.

TUMS Cockslap Heartburn

This was on my short list of future posts because of the very uh…suggestive nature. Actually suggestive is probably the wrong word; this one is downright blatant. Today, I was watching TV with my mom when this commercial came on. Her reaction: “I think they chose the wrong food”. Just remember, TUMS backwards is SMUT.

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