DirecTV Says People Who Like Cable Also Like Banging Their Head On A Low Ceiling

Though if we’re being nitpicky, the guy bangs his head on a beam, not the actual ceiling. Anyway, DirecTV is back with a funny new commercial created by Grey about the unfortunate nature of cable. People who still like cable also are fans of drinking spoiled milk, camping in poison ivy, getting paper cuts, and having their arm trapped in a vending machine. It was also amusing to watch this one during Sunday football when it would immediately be followed by an ad about how cable is better than DirecTV.

Bonus video: While we’re talking about humorous new DirecTV ads, here’s one featuring Peyton Manning as “The Commish” of his fantasy league.

Don’t Be The Cable You…Get DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket

Last week, I wrote about some DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket ads starring a retired Peyton Manning. Now there are more funny spots. There’s the DirecTV you who once saved Tony Romo from a burning building (I hope his shoulder was OK), does karaoke with Eli Manning, and saves puppies with Andrew Luck. The cable you once saved a sandwich for the ride home, puts on his coat like a toddler, and likes a good turtleneck. An additional campaign “Now You Can” is mostly notable because we see Eli Manning dressed as a banana. DirecTV’s NFL commercials are a national jewel.

DirecTV: Peyton Manning Now Spends His Sunday Mornings At The Grocery Store

After 18 seasons, Peyton Manning retired from the NFL back in March. But life goes on, and Peyton still needs things to do on Sunday. So he now spends his Sunday mornings shopping at the grocery store in his bathrobe, and extolling the virtues of DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket to a disinterested cashier. And since those football checks aren’t coming in anymore, Peyton uses coupons. A fiscally savvy move. Other spots show Peyton spending his Sunday mornings at the park, and talking to his brother Eli, who’s about to play. Lionel Richie offers a parody of his song “Easy.”


Gatorade Showcases Peyton Manning’s Letters

Peyton Manning retired this March after 18 seasons in the NFL. His last season was a tough one featuring injuries, multiple controversies, and the worst statistics of his career. But the Broncos won the Super Bowl, and Peyton left on top. In this new Gatorade spot, we learn that Peyton Manning sent out hundreds of handwritten letters to people in all walks of life…teammates, rivals, coaches, family and friends, other athletes, and dedicated fans. Some of the letters are read aloud by those who received them, resulting in a stirring and touching tribute of an ad. Great stuff.

Papa John Moonwalks And Peyton Manning Disapproves

It’s as awkward as the title suggests. Moonwalkward? Sorry.

DirecTV: The Manning Brothers Star In “Football On Your Phone”

This new video from DirecTV, created by Grey New York, has become an instant hit…racking up more than 2 million views on YouTube since being released yesterday. I’m not sure I’d call it good, but it’s absurd, hilarious and massively memorable. Something you just can’t stop watching. Peyton and Eli Manning have cultivated very goofy, marketable images that are on full display here. There’s even a cameo from their dad, Archie Manning. And the song is ridiculously catchy too. Did you know that you can watch football on your phone?

directv manning

Peyton Manning and Jerome Bettis Flip For Papa John’s

The Super Bowl matchup has been decided. In a rematch of Super Bowl XLII, the New York Giants will face the New England Patriots. That was a particularly fun time. I went to college in the Boston area but I’ve never liked the Patriots, so it was fun to see the then undefeated Pats get upset by the plucky Giants. All the Sam Adams in Boston was watered down by tears that night.

Papa John’s has an funny new commercial featuring Peyton Manning (“hey, a man’s gotta work”), retired running back Jerome Bettis, and twitchy Papa John’s founder John Schnatter. It’s a parody of the infamous 1998 Thanksgiving game.

This could be a nice giveaway of a pizza and Pepsi Max, IF they follow through. These types of things have a way of backfiring. At least they’re limiting it to Papa Rewards members. But man, I feel for those poor Papa John’s workers. That must suck for them. I really hope people tip if it happens. Papa John’s has also done something like similar in the past.

Well, now it’s about time to settle in for the State of the Union. Every year, a small part of me hopes the Prez just gets up and says “The State of the Union sucks and you’re all screwed” before walking away. And also be on the lookout for my “Super Bowl Retrospecticus” starting tomorrow.

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