Pantene Shows NFL Players Doing Their Daughters’ Hair

The NFL is a league with all sorts of PR problems. So it’s nice to see a commercial that demonstrates a softer side to NFL stars. And that’s exactly what happens in this Pantene spot, created by Grey. DeAngelo Williams, Jason Witten, and Benjamin Watson all give (and struggle to give) their young daughters a “Dad-Do.” Aww.

Pantene Addresses Workplace Gender Issues In This Spot From The Philippines

I post a lot of different ads on here, but this Pantene commercial from the Philippines is one of the most thought-provoking I can remember. It’s been out for a month, but has received a lot of coverage quite recently. It tackles the dichotomies of how men and women are viewed and treated differently for identical workplace behaviors. A male boss is just a boss, a female boss is “bossy.” It’s very well-done, and the pretty cover of “Mad World” is a great choice as backing music. The connection to Pantene is a little tenuous, but the real-life implications make this one stand out as more memorable than a straight commercial.

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