IHOP’s Bizarre Coin Flip Commercial

This is an odd one from IHOP. For a limited time, omelettes come with unlimited pancakes. So you don’t have to flip a coin between omelettes and pancakes…that’s good. But then IHOP shows a coin with what seems to be a bearded, black Ben Franklin. Ben is impressed, but then the coin hits the plate. Ow. The coin is also engraved with “Breakfast Is Yummy”, because well, just because. As I said, it’s odd. Mark Teich is the voice of the coin.

Bust Out Your All You Can Eat Silverware For IHOP’s All You Can Eat Pancakes

It’s a new year, and IHOb is a thing of the past. IHOP’s popular All You Can Eat pancakes are back with the purchase of any breakfast combo, or you can just get All You Can Eat pancakes for $4.99. Anyway, with an ever-rising stack of pancakes, you’re gonna need some giant silverware. Considering how slowly they bring out each additional serving of pancakes, I wonder just how long it would take to eat all of those. Mike Pollock provides the appetizing voiceover.

IHOP Becomes IHOb

On June 11, IHOP will apparently flip the P and rebrand itself as IHOb. We all know the P stands for pancakes, but what will the b be? Breakfast is the obvious and logical choice, but Vice has a fun list of options.

6/10 update: Burgers? Looks like it’s burgers.

6/11 update: Yup, it’s burgers.

IHOP: These Pilots Are Into Pancakes

All You Can Eat Pancakes are back at IHOP. I’ve done it before and noticed that the more pancakes you want, the slower they are to actually serve you. Maybe to make you impatient and get you out the door…but I digress. Anyway, IHOP’s new spot from Droga5 features pilots and pancakes. The words pancake/pancakes are repeated 13 times in the 30 second ad, so IHOP really wants you to remember about $3.99 All You Can Eat Pancakes.

Denny’s Has New Pancakes

I haven’t been to a Denny’s in years. But now they have new pancakes, which are advertised as being 50% fluffier. They look good, though granted pretty much everything looks good on a food commercial. You can make it drizzle…with syrup. But I kinda doubt that Denny’s new pancakes are better than grandma’s.

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