Tuesday Throwback: DirecTV’s Russian Guy Who Has The Opulence

Yesterday’s disastrous Trump-Putin summit made me think of this hilarious DirecTV ad from the summer of 2010. “Opulence, I has it” will go down as one of the decade’s best advertising lines. Our opulent hero is surrounded by luxury and beautiful women. But he still likes savings the money, so he’s attracted to DirecTV. And you can’t forget his little giraffe friend either. This spot became meme-worthy soon after its release. The decidedly Irish, not Russian Timothy V. Murphy plays Mr. Opulence.


Tuesday Throwback: DirecTV’s Hilarious Opulent Russian Guy

“Opulence, I has it” is one of the best commercial lines (and almost certainly the best opening line) in years. This DirecTV ad quickly became a meme after being released in the summer of 2010. That little giraffe always killed me. And I never noticed it before…but the “more on the Facingbook” at the end is also quite funny. The guy who plays Opulent Russian Guy is Timothy V. Murphy.

directv opulence

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