Old Spice And A Woman Who Nose Best Help Out This Hapless Pilot

Like a lot of Old Spice’s ads, this one is splashy has been getting a ton of views (6.4 million on YouTube to date) and comments online. A man is flying a small plane, and he doesn’t know where he is. It’s raining too! The calm woman at ground control instructs him to look under his seat, where he finds a variety of Old Spice grooming products. He’s fluster and angry, but puts on the deodorant and pomade, and starts his descent. He suddenly becomes suave, even while smoothly crashing into the room where the woman sits. They meet, and She Nose Best. Anyone know who play the man and woman?

Von Miller Is The New Old Spice Guy

I’d say Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is a good choice. In one spot, we see Von creating his own path (literally). In another, he encounters humorous obstacles to prove he “works harder”, and still comes away with the sack.

Old Spice Now Has A Man On A Whale

It’s just like Moby-Dick, if Moby-Dick was about a European man hitting tennis balls on top of a whale. The same man also drives a rocket car and survives a fiery explosion. Love it. Another hit from Old Spice.

Bonus: As a Cincinnati Bengals fan, I’d be remiss not to mention this Old Spice ad featuring on the mend Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton. It’s a turf treadmill! Who Dey!

Old Spice’s Dadsong

Earlier this year, Old Spice debuted an utterly bizarre commercial called “Mom Song.” It was the kind of ad that was instantly memorable and lit up the Internet from lovers and haters alike. It was odd and creepy, but pretty brilliant too, and won a lot of awards. Now, Old Spice has created its followup: Dadsong. It’s still pretty weird, though we’ve come to expect that from Old Spice. He’s a man! He’s a boy!

This Old Spice Using Robot Relaxes In A Hot Tub

It’s quite goofy, as is Old Spice’s trademark. Briefcase tacos! As for the attractive women, the one in the hat is Denise Schaefer, while the one in the ski goggles is Nikki Howard. I’m not sure who the third woman is. But I am sure of one thing…they are all very lucky not to get electrocuted.

Fox Sports 1: Gus Johnson And Bill Raftery Broadcast A Birth

I’ve always been a fan of Gus Johnson. He’s enthusiastic without being a windbag and the NCAA Tournament just doesn’t seem quite right without his dramatic calls. I have definitely daydreamed about Gus narrating my mundane daily routine. But having Gus Johnson broadcast a baby’s birth seems quite uncomfortable. And that’s exactly what happens in this new Fox Sports 1 ad for Big East basketball with Gus and his partner Bill Raftery. Combined with yesterday’s Old Spice commercial, I think I found the most consecutively creepy posts on this blog. But Old Spice’s was somewhat funny too…this is just unpleasant.

1/8 update: Annnd looks like it’s been pulled.

Old Spice’s Weird Mom Song Commercial

I’ve watched this Old Spice commercial featuring creepy moms singing about their sons now being appealing to women three times and I still don’t know what to say. Just straight up weird.

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