Con Edison Has “The Power”…Just Not Last Night On The West Side Of Manhattan

This was a very ironic commercial to see tonight after what happened yesterday. The song playing is “The Power” by Snap! Or more accurately, it’s a studio knockoff of “The Power.” Maybe the original was too expensive to use. And for all of us in NYC, as well as beleaguered Con Edison, let’s hope the power stays on for good.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Has Some Beautiful Music In Its Ads

Living in NYC, I’m sure I’ve seen these commercials for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center many times. The first one came out in September 2014, so they’re definitely not new. But I just saw one, and actually paid attention to the music. Just beautiful. A little YouTube searching revealed that a lot of people wanted to know who did the piano music…and it’s Anthony Berlin. It also bears a striking similarity to a Bell’s Whisky spot, which is one of my favorites that I’ve covered on this blog. Here are a few of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s ads.

Commercial Society Goes Vaguely Political: Bill de Blasio For NYC Mayor

I’ve had the TV on the background today, and have seen this commercial at least 3 times. If I was actually registered in NYC, I’d strongly consider voting Bill de Blasio for Mayor. The reason? Well, his policies seem appealing. But also because Dante is his son, and Dante’s hair is just awesome.

bill de blasio dante

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