That Commercial Where A Nissan Frontier Snowboards

In October, I wrote a post about a certain Nissan Frontier ad. You know, the one where it helps land a plane. It became one of my top-viewed entries, and I still see people searching whether or not it’s real. Which is funny, because it so obviously is fake. Here’s another Nissan Frontier commercial…and this time, it’s snowboarding. Why? Just because. Oh, and this one isn’t real either.

That Commercial Where A Nissan Frontier Helps Land A Plane

Yeah…I’m sure it’s JUST like that. And despite the helpful “Fictionalization. Do not attempt” warning on this Nissan Frontier spot, I’m sure someone will try it, and probably die as a result. Though how badass would that be if it actually happened and you saw it?

Bonus video: “Interviews” with those who witnessed and were involved in this crazy fictional event.

AND another “over the top” commercial for the Nissan Frontier.

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