Air New Zealand’s Christmas Commercial Features Kids Who Are On Santa’s Naughty List

I’ve been getting an oddly large amount of views from New Zealand lately, so here’s an cute Christmas ad from New Zealand. Santa’s compiling his naughty/nice list, and he’s gonna email it to the elves. But whoops! He’s accidentally sent it to Elvis Anderson. We see Elvis Anderson in detention somewhere in New Zealand, and Elvis discovers that he’s on the naughty list, along with his detention chums. So they decide to do something. They end up holding a summit, with children worldwide who are on the naughty list. Amazingly, all the children converge on New Zealand, and “The Summit of Naughty Kids” begins. They decide to do good deeds to tip their favor back to the nice side. Except for the USA kid, a clear Donald Trump parody with a red “Make Christmas Great Again” hat, who claims that he’s the nicest person he knows. Hahaha…nice reference. Elvis then takes the mic and announces that New Zealand promises to do all their chores, spend less time on their phones, and be nicer to Australia. And with that, they’re on the nice list! Yay!

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