TGI Fridays Says To TGIF*IT

It’s January 18th, which means that if you made a New Year’s resolution, it’s probably long dead already.  Since you’re probably hungry from that week or so of eating healthy, TGI Fridays wants to reel you back in. Fridays tells you to “F Resolutions”, and enjoy their 2 apps, 2 entrees, 2 desserts deal starting at $20. And you certainly won’t be getting anything healthy. TGIF*IT! Is this enough to bring back those wily millennials who are killing casual chains like TGI Fridays? Hopefully the food is better than that crappy TGIF*IT tagline.


Allstate’s Mayhem Turns Good As A New Year’s Resolution

For years, Allstate’s Mayhem has been living up to his name and well…causing mayhem. But this year, Mayhem has made the resolution to be helpful. We see Mayhem as things that help keep you safe, like a road flare, a lightning rod, a home security system, and the tennis ball dangling from a screen in the garage. But with the ominous “resolutions are made to be broken” message at the end, will Mayhem’s change be for good? By the way, Mayhem is played by Dean Winters.

1/16 update: Yup, those resolutions were broken in a week.

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