Progressive’s Motaur Watches A Rambling Herd Of Motaurs

Progressive’s Motaur (played by Terrence Terrell) is back for a new ad. This time, he’s sitting atop a bluff spying at a herd of Motaurs with binoculars. When his regular human buddy on a motorcycle tries to talk, Motaur shushes him. The dramatic music and cinematography of this one make me feel like it’s a film reference, but I’m not sure. Anyone know?

Progressive Introduces The Motaur

Progressive’s new Motaur is like a minotaur….except that he’s half man, half motorcycle. He sometimes wishes he wasn’t a Motaur, in that he’d want legs on the bottom, and motorcycle on the top. It’s a bizarre campaign from Progressive, but surreal insurance ads are the thing these days. The Motaur is played by Terrence Terrell.


Geico: Motorcycle Fantasies And “Here I Go Again” Interrupt This Groom’s Wedding

This guy is cruising along in his motorcycle through a beautiful landscape (it looks like the Big Sur stretch of the California coast). He’s singing along to Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” . The motorcyclist looks like he’s having an amazing time on the lonely street of dreams. Cut to reality…and he’s still singing. Only now he’s saying his vows on the altar during his wedding. Whoops. Turns out he does know that his vows were a Whitesnake song. Haha. This one has been quite popular on YouTube, raking up more than 9 million views to date. Ted Jonas plays the Whitesnake-loving groom, and Sarati plays his annoyed bride.

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