The Woman From That Peloton Commercial Is Now In An Amusing Ad For Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin

When I wrote about that stupid Peloton commercial about two weeks ago, I didn’t know that it would become the talk of the ad world and a major news story. To me, it was just a dumb and cringey ad. But we all know what’s happened since, and now Ryan Reynolds-owned Aviation Gin has made this clever spot to offer that poor woman (Monica Ruiz) a bit of redemption. She needs and deserves a big drink, and she sure guzzles down that smooth Aviation Gin. To new beginnings! Haha.

This Commercial Sucks: Riding A Peloton Bike Changes This Woman

The woman here is very attractive (she’s played by Monica Ruiz), but this is quite a dumb commercial. Her husband gave her a Peloton bike last Christmas, and she starts to ride. A lot of YouTube comments wonder why she looks so nervous about riding a stationary bike in her own house. And who exactly is she talking to? But she sticks with it…and a year later, it’s apparently changed her. Yeah, the cringe is real. The song playing is “She’s So High” by Tal Bachman.

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