Frank Sinatra And Jack Daniel’s: A Classic Combination

Last week, I wrote about Mila Kunis being the new spokeswoman for Jim Beam. And now another celebrity comes to the whiskey forefront, this time it’s the late, great Frank Sinatra. Quick aside: if I had to pick one person to have a night on the town with, Ol’ Blue Eyes would have to be on the short list. Jack is marketing a new product called Sinatra Select, honoring one of its most iconic fans. It’s stronger (90 proof vs. 80 for original Jack), though I’m not sure I’d pay $150 for it. But I do enjoy the commercial. That’s the nectar of the gods, baby!

Mila Kunis Is The New Face Of Jim Beam

The world’s most popular bourbon now has a new spokeswoman: Mila Kunis. While it might seem like an odd choice, she’s apparently a bourbon fan. I’ve posted a few of the Jim Beam spots below, and I like them a lot. They’re well-shot and I especially like the historical focus of the first ad. Of course, having Mila Kunis doesn’t hurt either.

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