Mentos Gum Says To Small Talk It

When you think of Mentos advertising, those classic commercials from the ’90s come to mind. While these new spots aren’t quite on that level, they’re still good for a chuckle. Each involves an already somewhat awkward protagonist placed in an awkward position. One is at a party with “cool” people, and the other has a guy alone with his new girlfriend’s manly dad. In both cases, Mentos Gum helps bring on the small talk. Heh. And that “Who says no to Mentos Gum?” jingle is pretty catchy.

Mentos Gum And Baseball Don’t Mix

Any Mentos ad will remind me of the classic ones of the early-mid ’90s. While it’s not on that level, this one is still pretty damn funny. A guy is at the batting cages, when suddenly he sniffs an alluring aroma. It’s Mentos Gum Pure Fresh carried by an attractive young lady. As a ridiculously cheesy song plays, he goes to the fence to catch a whiff of her gum-enhanced breath. His smile doesn’t fade even as he’s getting pelted by baseballs. It’s campy and amusing. If I come across the names of the good-looking actor/actress, I’ll add that to the post.

Tuesday Throwback: Those Classic Mentos Commercials

These Mentos commercials from the ’90s are campy, cheesy, catchy, and ultimately awesome. They had such a big impact on pop culture that the Foo Fighters did a parody in the video for “Big Me.” I’ve included a some of the more memorable ones, but there’s more on YouTube. Mentos: The Freshmaker!


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