The Song From Mazda’s CX-30 Commercial

It’s an interesting ad featuring a couple who decide to start a restaurant. The spot follows their journey from preparations to opening their eatery. This adventure, of course, is made in a Maxda CX-30. It’s probably no surprise that the ad would debut now, as it has a very “New Year’s resolution” feel. So what’s the song? It’s “This Is Our Time” by WILD. Anyone know who play the couple?

Mazda’s Dreamy Balloon Commercial

This is a visually beautiful ad for the 2019 Mazda3. I mean, who hasn’t dreamed of floating away on a balloon? Haley Reinhart provides a lovely soundtrack with her cover of The Cranberries’ “Dreams.” It’s the second high-profile commercial in recent years to use of a cover of this song. I still think “Feel Alive” is a clunky tagline though. The woman in the spot is Argentinian actress and model Montserrat Godia.

Mazda’s “Feel Alive” Ad

Mazda’s first commercial from its new “Feel Alive” campaign is certainly ambitious and visually attractive. It’s been getting a lot of views (7.1 million since being released on April 2nd), but it’s also been getting very mixed reviews. Is it inspiring or pretentious? I’m leaning more to pretentious. The song is “Outro” by M83.


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