Drink Guinness And Discover An Indonesian Ski Resort (Wait, What?)

If you’d never seen snow before, how would you react to it? You’d probably have a reaction of wonder, joy, and playfulness. That’s what happens in this Guinness ad created by London’s Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. Rumor has it that someone built a ski resort high in the mountains of Indonesia. So a group of friends decide to search it out for themselves. The spot takes a little time to get going, but the visuals are fantastic, and the ending payoff is pretty great too. What makes it even better is that according to the agency, this really was the first time the guys had seen or touched snow, and their reactions are genuine.

Why Is This Guinness At An Empty Chair?

Guinness isn’t a company you’d think would have emotionally engrossing ads, but they’re on a roll after last year’s wheelchair basketball commercial and now this one. In the new spot, a full Guinness always sits at an empty chair at an empty table. It’s only towards to end where we realize why. Good stuff.

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