That Infiniti Summer Nights Commercial

My entry on Infiniti’s QX50 ad has been one of my most popular and polarizing posts lately. Now, Infiniti has another new commercial that also combines striking visuals of summer fun with a distinctive song. But this time, the sound seems more on-brand for Infiniti. The song is “Summer” by Moonlight Breakfast, and it’s a real toe-tapper.


Time Warner Teases With This Fancy Commercial

Wait…so you mean that Time Warner Cable Signature Home DOESN’T include the pretty wife or swanky penthouse apartment? Ehh, not sure I’m interested anymore.

Oh, and the voiceover is by Kate Walsh. No wonder it reminded me of this sexy commercial. If I find out who the music is by, I’ll add that too. And here’s some info about Time Warner’s Signature Home in NoHo, NYC. I suppose it’s the one they used in the commercial.

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