Hormel And Judy Greer Have A Sandwich Tasting Party

I love sandwiches, and I admit I can be somewhat of a snob about them. I’d have a hard time seeing myself buying Hormel Natural Choices lunch meats, what with Boar’s Head widely available. But I did get a bit of a kick of of Hormel’s spot starring Judy Greer and showing her sandwich tasting party. The mockery of the food snobs is amusing, especially with them thoughtfully sniffing the sandwiches. Rebecca Larsen plays the ham lady.


Oscar Mayer’s Brutally Honest Grandfather Is Awesome

A hat tip to Copyranter for this one. I find brutally honest old people to be charming, but some people aren’t big fans. In any case, the grandfather is hilarious with his unfiltered comments. And it’s interesting how Oscar Mayer managed to tie this into a statement about transparency.

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