Take Note Tells A Sweeping Love (And Life) Story

Oh man…this is a good one. We meet a couple who communicates with little notes from the beginning of their relationship, through major life events, until the end. The storytelling in this spot is somewhat reminiscent of Google’s “Parisian Love”, albeit with a much sadder ending. Beautiful work for Toronto stationary store Take Note, created by BBDO Toronto.

This Cheerios Commercial Featuring A Multiracial Family

It’s 2013. This shouldn’t be a big deal. But apparently, it is to some people. The Internet can be a very dark place sometimes. Besides, it’s a cute ad. For those wondering, the mother is played by Whitney Avalon.

Subaru’s Cutesy Kid Car Wash

It’s a cute Subaru commercial (as they tend to be), but is it too cute? I’m taking an advertising class right now, and “too cute” is one of the common criticisms. This might cross the line. I wonder if a real-life father would be this understanding and just laugh it off. Things to consider…

Subaru: A Cute Little Girl Helps Out Her Mom

I’m a fan of Subaru’s “Love” campaign. It’s just really sweet and well, nice. Here’s a few more from the “Love” campaign created by Carmichael Lynch. The first is “Take Your Daughter To Work” themed, and the second involves a familiar and supportive fan during a bike race. I don’t think these are as strong as some of Subaru’s other work, but still, they’re just very nice.

I “Love” Apple’s New iPad 2 Ad

I make fun of Apple quite often on this blog. But truthfully, I don’t have a problem with Apple. The products are good, the company is fine…but I find the Apple cult to be incredibly obnoxious. I wanted to give Apple some credit, so I’ll talk about this new iPad 2 commercial created by TBWA/Media Arts Lab. It’s the first since the death of Steve Jobs.

The copy is well-written and does a good job of conveying the messages of love and passion. And the art direction fits with the words. But the voiceover is what really makes this ad great. Narrated by Peter Coyote, probably better known as being the voice of National Geographic Explorer, there is such warmth and sweetness, but also a sense of mournfulness. It’s almost as if the voice work was done right after hearing the news about Steve Jobs.

Ally Wants You to Love Your Bank

Banks aren’t really places you associate “love” with. Most of us have a neutral relationship with our bank at best, and at worst, they’re the assholes that charge you $35 for overdrawing your account by 10 cents. But Ally wants people to think about their banks differently.

Hilarious. This commercial doesn’t exactly say what distinguishes Ally from other banks, but the song sounds good, even if it isn’t “raging”. Of course, I’ve never actually seen an Ally Bank, so I guess I’ll miss out on the love.

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