Volkswagen Jetta: Baby Got Bass

The bass with Beats Audio is really shaking in this Volkswagen Jetta ad, creating something that’s both visually and sonically attractive. “Baby Got Bass” is something of a groaner though. But “Betta Getta Jetta” is a pretty good tagline. The funky song playing is “Dear Sense” by Louis The Child.


This Commercial Sucks: iPad’s “What’s A Computer?”

This Apple iPad Pro ad has been out for a month now and racked up nearly six million views on YouTube. For the most part, it’s not a bad spot following a young girl named Scout using her iPad Pro during a day in her Brooklyn neighborhood. The song (“Go” by Louis the Child) is decent too. But the reason I think this commercial sucks is the same one most of its detractors have…that final line of “What’s a computer?” Ugh. So annoying and pretentious.

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