Work I’ve Done: McDonald’s Spec Ad (“Lottery Surprise”)

Here’s another spec ad. If you think it’s or anything else you see on this blog is good, and can help me out in a jobly manner, that would be swell. If you think it sucks, I guess that’s OK too.

McDonald’s Spec Ad

Brief: What would you do if you won the lottery? After gaining new found wealth, people will often buy many things, but their essence stays the same. Jason Baxter has just won the lottery, and he has an interesting idea for his money.

Setting: The Multi-Millions Lottery Headquarters. A timid looking man, aged anywhere from his mid 20s to mid 40s is standing at a podium.

Male voice off camera: Jason Baxter, you’ve just won $50 million in the Multi-Millions Lottery. What ARE you going to do with the money?

Jason (with a slight stammer): Well, I’m not sure really. But there is one thing that I’ve always wanted.

The scene changes to a long shot of a huge mansion with large grounds. This must be what Jason always wanted. Next, the camera zooms into the mansion. The viewer sees a giant, twisting, indoor slide. Maybe that’s what Jason wanted.

Jason is on the top of the slide. He takes a deep breath and swings himself down.

As he’s going down the slide, he yells and hoots like a small child. Finally, the slide lets off into a ball pit. Jason gets up from the ball pit looking slightly dazed. He’s now in a private McDonald’s IN HIS OWN MANSION!

Jason: Hey, I’ll have a Big Mac, fries and coke.

McDonald’s worker (with a smile): Coming right up, J.

The commercial closes with a shot of a small Golden Arches logo in a mansion window. It’s accompanied either by the standard “I’m lovin it” slogan, or my own slogan “MMM McDonald’s”.


How much would this commercial cost to make? Would it be too expensive?

I chose McDonald’s simply because it’s the biggest advertiser. But this concept could work for any fast food place.

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