Quilted Northern: Pity The Inanimate Bathroom Objects That Have To See You Poop

Pooping is something that we all do, but it doesn’t get discussed that much. I’ve found that a willingness to talk about poop is a good way to tell if someone has entered your trusted inner circle. We might that think that anyone is watching when we poop, but this new Quilted Northern campaign comes from a unique direction. They’re told from the perspective of inanimate objects in the bathroom. There’s a portrait of Great Grandpa Thaddeus, who sees all, and forgets nothing. Little Miss Puffytail is tired of seeing people poop and wants to be smashed into a million pieces. And Sir Froggy looks positively traumatized. Luckily, Quilted Northern works so well that you’ll forget what you’ve even done. Funny, funny spots.

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