Lincoln: Matthew McConaughey Chills Out And Goes Ice Fishing

Lincoln’s ongoing commercials with Matthew McConaughey have been a quiet constant during much of the 2010s, so why not end the decade by writing about the newest one? Matthew McConaughey arrives on a frozen lake. He’s come for some ice fishing. But ice fishing is a slow pursuit, so in the meantime he goes for a warm escape in his 2020 Lincoln Aviator. When Matthew finally gets something, he celebrates by whistling the Andy Griffith theme. Cool stuff from a cool guy.

Lincoln Makes It Snow For Olivia

As I’m writing, New York City is getting its first snow of the season. It’s the same storm that brought snowfall to places that rarely get it, like Corpus Christi, Texas. When you’ve never experienced snow before, it can be a magical experience. A young girl named Olivia lives in sunny Southern California. She shakes up a snow globe, and suddenly the fluffy white stuff starts falling from the sky. It becomes a magical scene, complete with mistletoe, reindeer, and dancing. The song playing is Suite for Variety Orchestra No. 1: VII. Waltz No. 2 composed by Dmitri Shostakovich and performed by The Philadelphia Orchestra. Nice spot from Lincoln.

Tuesday Throwback: Shiny Toy Guns Make This Lincoln MKZ Spot Fantastic

This Lincoln MKZ commercial is from 2009, and it’s one that I kinda wish had come out when I had this blog, because it would have gotten a ton of pageviews. In a lot of ways, Lincoln’s commercial looks like a stereotypical car ad, with the sleek visuals and cool song. But damn, it looks and sounds fantastic. That song is “Major Tom” by Shiny Toy Guns (a cover of the original by Peter Schilling). Love it.

Tuesday Throwback: Shiny Toy Guns’ Awesome Song Helps Make This Lincoln MKZ Ad Great

Here’s one that would have gotten a whole lot of pageviews if I started the blog a few years earlier. It features the Shiny Toy Guns song “Major Tom (Coming Home)”, a cover of the 1983 version recorded by Peter Schilling. The song sounds fantastic, and fits quite well with the sleek visuals of the Lincoln commercial. A joy to watch and listen to.

Matthew McConaughey Drives A Lincoln Because He Likes It

Lincoln has debuted a splashy new campaign for the MKC starring Matthew McConaughy. One spot in particular is quite impressive and simple. McConaughy states that he drove a Lincoln long before they paid him, just because he liked it. “I just liked it” is a great tagline. Two of the other ads, one featuring a big bull in the middle of the road, and one with a long monologue don’t work as well for me. These seem to be a little too rambling and faux-philosophic…reminiscent of Brad Pitt’s Chanel commercials. They were shot in McConaughy’s native Texas, and apparently conjure up his True Detective character Rust Cohle (I’ll admit that I’ve never seen True Detective). Lincoln plans to push the campaign hard during football games.

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