AT&T’s Lily Is Back And Working From Home

Remember Lily? She was AT&T’s spokeswoman for a popular campaign from 2013-16. That role was a springboard for Milana Vayntrub’s career. Now Lily is back and she’s working from home for AT&T. She’s here to let you know that you can get the iPhone 11 for half off on AT&T, and you can put googly eyes on your stuff to keep yourself company. With apologies to Nancy the Googly Mug, Geraldo the Googly Guitar is Lily’s best friend. Lily also wants you to get excited about 5G (which, uhh, didn’t cause COVID-19). 5G’s got faster speeds, more reliability, and better response times. All useful if you’re making sourdough.

Lily Is AT&T’s Hostess With The Mostest, According To Siri

Milana Vayntrub has been playing the role of perky AT&T saleslady Lily Adams for a few years. Now we also know that she asks Siri to call her “the AT&T hostess with the mostest.” Excellent. The man is played by Sunkrish Bala.

Who Is AT&T’s Lily?

The commercials featuring AT&T’s attractive saleslady Lily have been running for a few months now. Lily is played by Milana Vayntrub.

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