DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket Has A Lemonade Stand And A Raiders Fan Mom

These kids have a lemonade stand. A passing jogger (played by Gloria Garayua) is thirsty and wants a cup. But it’s gametime and the kids’ mom is a big Raiders fan. She pours all the lemonade from the Raiders’ embossed pitchers into one giant, diabetes-inducing cup. Time to pack up and go in! Justina Machado plays the mom.

Geico Has Ice-T At A Lemonade Stand

These kids are selling lemonade in Geico’s new “It’s Not Surprising” ad, but all the adults think they have iced tea. Of course, we find out that they’re right in a way, as Ice-T is chillin behind them. Hah! There’s some pretty women in this commercial…Amy Rutberg plays the blonde and Anne Troup is the brunette. The man with the dog is played by David Levin.

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