The Hyundai Kona Connects This Earthbound Husband With His Astronaut Wife

Kevin stares at the stars…it turns out his wife Jane is in outer space. They send “miss you” texts. Aww. Probably not a good idea to text while you’re outside working on a space station, but I’ll let it slide. But then the spot pivots. He asks her if she can do “the thing” again. Amazingly, she’s able to unlock his Hyundai Kona from orbit. So is this a cute and funny commercial, or is Kevin a complete dipshit while Jane is doing big things? Interested to hear what you think. Jane the astronaut is played by Heather Pasternak, and Kevin is played by Brendan Ford. And the song is a cover of Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love”, performed by James Vincent McMorrow.

Kona Brewing Company Says Mainlanders Should Start Calling Thursday “Little Friday”

I’ve never been to Hawaii, but it’s a place I’d love to visit. Sure it has some problems if you live there, but what an incredibly beautiful locale. In this spot, Kona Brewing Company brings some laid-back advice for those of us in the contiguous States. While Friday has TGIF, Thursday doesn’t have much. So these chill Hawaiian guys suggest calling it “Little Friday” (in college, we called it Thirsty Thursday). Of course, as they’re speaking it’s Monday AKA “Teeny-tiny Friday.” It’s Tuesday now…so just Tiny Friday?

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