This Kohl’s Oscar Acceptance Speech Commercial Is Pretty Terrible

I preferred the speech when Cuba Gooding Jr. did it after winning Best Supporting Actor in Jerry Maguire.

Kohl’s Has A Christmas Surprise

Some purists might object to Christmas/holiday-themed commercials starting earlier and earlier, but the creep is here to stay. As I’m writing this, I can see a neighboring apartment already has Christmas decorations up. And the store where I work brought in the ornament display in late September (I helped with this and definitely thought it was absurd). Anyway, TV will be filled with Christmas ads for the next 5 weeks. Here’s a very nice one from Kohl’s. It opens with an attractive, young couple decorating a living room. Pretty standard, right? But it’s the twist that gives this spot a lot of heart. The song is a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”, performed by Emma’s Imagination.

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