Roto-Rooter Saves A Kitten From A Sewer Pipe

It hasn’t been a good week news-wise, so watching something like this should help a bit. I randomly saw it today as one of YouTube’s pre-roll ads, though it’s been around for more than a year and racked up 4.5 million views. I must have missed it somehow. Anyway, it’s an adorable video showing a kitten being rescued from a sewer pipe by a persistent Roto-Rooter crew. This happened on Long Island, New York. It’s similar to GoPro’s kitten video from a few years ago, but with a much happier ending. Enjoy!

GoPro Captures A Fire-Rescued Kitten, But…

It’s a heroic ad for GoPro of the real-life, helmet cam captured rescue of a kitten from a burning Fresno house. But learning that the kitten later died from smoke inhalation is officially the bummer of the day.

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