State Farm: James Harden Has A Microwave Mishap In Chris Paul’s Kitchen

James Harden decides to heat up some Chinese take-out in the microwave. This is a poor choice, since the metal handle causes the microwave to explode and a kitchen fire ensues. We cut to State Farm “agent” Oscar Nunez commenting to Chris Paul that it was a good thing he kept his fire extinguisher up to date. Turns out that it was Chris Paul’s kitchen. Whoops. James tries to deny that he was the one that caused the fire, but beard evidence suggests otherwise.

Chipotle’s Kitchens Are For Cooking, Not Cocaine

This Chipotle commercial is decent. It’s got attractive imagery of tasty Chipotle food. But what always makes me look up when I see it is the line “our kitchens are for you know, cooking.” Mostly because the way the male narrator says cooking really sounds like cocaine. Though restaurant kitchens are known for both cooking and cocaine.



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