Adriana Lima Heats It Up For Kia And Teleflora

“Sex sells” is one of the oldest adages in the ad world. I don’t necessarily think it sells, but it definitely gets attention (and pageviews). So in a continuing theme of Super Bowl commercials before the game, here’s two featuring Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima. The first is a Kia Optima commercial that contrasts the dreams of a husband and wife. In addition to Adriana Lima, it also has UFC champ Chuck Liddell, the miraculously still alive Motley Crue and a nice twist ending. The second is for Teleflora, and features Adriana giving simple Valentine’s Day (…err NIGHT) advice.

Bonus video: Last year’s Teleflora Super Bowl commercial with Faith Hill.


Blake Griffin Both Endorses And Jumps Over Kia Optimas

Last year, Blake Griffin won the All-Star Slam Dunk Contest as a rookie (he also won Rookie of the Year). His signature dunk involved jumping over a Kia Optima. So he seemed like a natural spokesman for the Kia Optima. Here are some of Blake’s commercials. He’s really got the deadpan humor down.

What’s That Song? Part IX

Artist: LMFAO, Song: “Party Rock Anthem”

If you pay attention to popular music, you probably know this song, seeing as that it was #1 for 6 weeks earlier in the summer. But I don’t really follow the top 40 anymore, so I just found out about it. Both the commercial and song are somewhat weird, but this ad for the Kia Soul definitely stands out.

Artist: Foster the People, Song: “Don’t Stop”

Another car commercial with a recent breakout artist. Foster the People is perhaps best known for their great song “Pumped Up Kicks”, a sleeper hit that’s climbed the charts to a current peak of #3. This ad taught me that the Nissan Versa has the most headroom per dollar, even if you have a goofy haircut or hat.

Artist: Josh Ritter, Song: “Change of Time”

Getting psyched for the NFL? This is a nice song, but it doesn’t exactly feel like a football song. Though I guess the sentimentality of the tune does fit the overall tone of the ad.

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