Kia’s Hamsters Are Back!

The Kia Soul has had a few hugely popular commercials featuring hamsters. And here’s a new one. It’s quite ambitious as it is set in an 18th century opera house which conjures up Amadeus.  Without fail, they show the stuffy opera audience how to let loose. The song is Axwell’s remix of “In My Mind”. A really fun spot which will be a big hit.

What’s That Song? Part IX

Artist: LMFAO, Song: “Party Rock Anthem”

If you pay attention to popular music, you probably know this song, seeing as that it was #1 for 6 weeks earlier in the summer. But I don’t really follow the top 40 anymore, so I just found out about it. Both the commercial and song are somewhat weird, but this ad for the Kia Soul definitely stands out.

Artist: Foster the People, Song: “Don’t Stop”

Another car commercial with a recent breakout artist. Foster the People is perhaps best known for their great song “Pumped Up Kicks”, a sleeper hit that’s climbed the charts to a current peak of #3. This ad taught me that the Nissan Versa has the most headroom per dollar, even if you have a goofy haircut or hat.

Artist: Josh Ritter, Song: “Change of Time”

Getting psyched for the NFL? This is a nice song, but it doesn’t exactly feel like a football song. Though I guess the sentimentality of the tune does fit the overall tone of the ad.

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