The Los Angeles Clippers Are Hot: Chris Paul/State Farm And Blake Griffin/Kia

The Clippers. Long the laughingstock of the NBA and LA’s distant second fiddle, the Clips have the league’s best record and are currently riding a 16 game winning streak. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are big reasons for the turnaround. And they’re getting commercial time now. State Farm has an ad getting rave reviews which tells the story of Chris Paul and his identical twin separated at birth, Cliff. They were both born to assist…Chris on the basketball court, and Cliff as a State Farm agent.

And Kia’s campaign featuring Blake Griffin continues. In these, the always deadpan Griffin travels back in time to give his ’90s child self advice. The spots come complete with classic/crappy songs of the era…Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It”, OMC’s “How Bizarre”, and Eiffel 65’s “Blue.” Stop wearing jean shorts. Haha!

Adriana Lima Heats It Up For Kia And Teleflora

“Sex sells” is one of the oldest adages in the ad world. I don’t necessarily think it sells, but it definitely gets attention (and pageviews). So in a continuing theme of Super Bowl commercials before the game, here’s two featuring Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima. The first is a Kia Optima commercial that contrasts the dreams of a husband and wife. In addition to Adriana Lima, it also has UFC champ Chuck Liddell, the miraculously still alive Motley Crue and a nice twist ending. The second is for Teleflora, and features Adriana giving simple Valentine’s Day (…err NIGHT) advice.

Bonus video: Last year’s Teleflora Super Bowl commercial with Faith Hill.

Blake Griffin Both Endorses And Jumps Over Kia Optimas

Last year, Blake Griffin won the All-Star Slam Dunk Contest as a rookie (he also won Rookie of the Year). His signature dunk involved jumping over a Kia Optima. So he seemed like a natural spokesman for the Kia Optima. Here are some of Blake’s commercials. He’s really got the deadpan humor down.

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