Dockers Shows You How To Get An Upgrade And How To Get To Work On Time

While some might consider wearing khakis to be schlubby, Dockers obviously disagrees. In a pair of new commercials from its “How To” campaign (which has apparently been running since last year, but I guess I missed it), Dockers presents two characters who improve their lot in life while wearing the brand’s khakis. In the first, a man gets an airline upgrade after saving an old lady’s Pomeranian from getting run over by a sleeping shuttle driver. In the second, a guy who’s running late for work hitches a ride from a donut delivery man, and gets a box for his office. Both of the ads feature very quick-paced shots, and the unconventional problem solving of the characters reminds me of those classic Mentos commercials from the ’90s.


Tuesday Throwback: Jake From State Farm

I remember the “Jake from State Farm” commercial debuting in 2011, around the same time I started this blog. I wrote about it, but didn’t realize that it would become such a huge hit…an ad that would be aired for years. But looking back, it’s still hilarious. I’ve even seen people dress up for Halloween as Jake from State Farm. I guess that’s a convenient costume if you’re somewhat lazy and own a red polo and khakis. Jake Stone was a real-life State Farm agent, and according to this article, he quit shortly after the ad was released. I still wonder how many people call their State Farm agents at 3 AM. Justin Campbell plays the husband, and Melanie Paxson is the wife.

Tuesday Throwback: Gap’s Khaki Swing

The Gap is a retailer who used to be huge in the commercial world, but not so much anymore. This very 1998 ad from Gap was a memorable moment in pop culture, solidifying khakis as a common pants selection, and propelling the fad of swing revival. The song is Louis Prima’s original recording of “Jump, Jive, An’ Wail” (later covered by The Brian Setzer Orchestra). And in case you were wondering, the dancers are doing the Lindy Hop.

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