Geico: Karl The Antarctic Researcher Sings “I Want It That Way”

’90s nostalgia comes to the forefront in Geico’s latest. We hear Karl singing karaoke to “I Want It That Way”, much to the annoyance of his Antarctic research colleagues. Karl’s off-key warbling is so bad that it leads one of the men to try to escape into a frigid storm. Luckily, they wrangle in Kevin before he makes it out. This marks the second high-profile “I Want It That Way” spot this year…the first being a Doritos Super Bowl spot with the Backstreet Boys and Chance the Rapper. Karl the karaoke guy is played by Prince Mario-Max Schaumberg-Lippe (he’s a real-life royal), and Kevin is Kevin Camia.


Geico Says Popular Middle School Girls Are The Key To Weight Loss

Geico’s “Easier Way To Save” campaign continues. You might lose weight if those popular middle school girls were following you around always saying “Ew. Seriously? So gross.” Of course, you’d probably raise both eyebrows and the suspicions of the authorities. I say that watching every episode of Hoarders would keep your appetite down. And if having the TV on constantly made your electric bill expensive, maybe you could talk to the hamster guy. Geico’s other suggestions for saving money: a home security panther and karaoke dating. Funny spots, as always.

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