Experian Goes Goth In This Ad From The UK

Because when you think of Experian, you think of goths, right? Experian UK has created a bizarre advert that takes place on what is presumably the London Underground and stars goths. Though the goths all look similar, they’re pared down until we’re left with one, ironically named Joy. Experian explains that while other companies offer similar people similar stuff, they use your credit history to find deals that are right for you, and only you. Weird, but OK.

Verizon’s Joy Is Back For Christmas

Verizon’s popular character Joy (played by Britt Lower) returns in a new spot, this time walking through a holiday market. Also, Thomas Middleditch takes a little girl’s popcorn without asking. How rude!

Verizon’s Joy Has Fun At A Bonfire

Verizon’s popular character Joy (played by Britt Lower) is back in a new spot. This time, she’s at a bonfire at the beach. Only problem is that her friend Daryl can’t get the music going on his phone. He shakes it around (does that look weirdly phallic to anyone else?), but nothing. That’s when the annoying Thomas Middleditch comes out and makes a snarky comment. Joy then whips out her new iPhone on Verizon. With six months of free Apple Music, the party gets started. Initially, Daryl plays some metal, but Middleditch tells him to pick something more appropriate. Bumpin’ hip-hop beats it is! The beat is “Bamboo” by P-Lo, by the way. They both sound good, Daryl. Verizon also has ads with Joy and Thomas where they use famous song lyrics in dialogue. There’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, “Call Me Maybe”, and “Me Myself and I”.

Verizon’s Wedding Commercial

Verizon’s Joy (played by Britt Lower) returns for a new ad, this time at a wedding. The bride and her fellow bridesmaids are looking for something old. Maybe they could use some of their old phones. Thomas Middleditch appears out of nowhere, since that’s what he does in these spots, and talks about them getting the new iPhone on Verizon. Joy comments that the camera is amazing, but unfortunately for Thomas Middleditch, he can’t be the ring bearer in this wedding. I’ll add the identities of the bride and other bridesmaids when I get that information.

Verizon’s Joy Watches The Game At An Airport

Verizon’s popular recurring character Joy (played by Britt Lower) is back at an airport. She and her friend are watching the game, but her new airport buddies don’t have Verizon, and they’re still buffering. Also, Verizon spokesman Thomas Middleditch may have missed his flight and someone stole his watch. The struggle is truly real.

Verizon’s Joy Returns For Christmas

This fall, Verizon’s much-played “Yee Haw” commercial featured a character named Joy, played by Britt Lower. Now Joy’s in a new Christmas ad with her niece. Her niece wants a rabbit, while Joy wants the new iPhone. This one’s getting hammered on YouTube, though that seems more because of Verizon’s role in the net neutrality fiasco.


That Verizon Commercial With Women On Horses

These horseback, social media loving women are posting selfies. Joy posts #YeeHaw, but her unfortunate friend is stuck with #IHaveNoSignalAndIStillCantPostOutHere. See, Joy has Verizon, and according to Verizon spokesman Thomas Middleditch, Verizon is better. Joy is played by Britt Lower, and her signal-lacking friend is Fabianne Therese.

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