John Lewis Takes A Trip With Elton John In Its 2018 Christmas Advert

John Lewis always has one of the holiday season’s most anticipated ads, and now it’s out. This one is considerably different…it starts with Elton John playing the piano. We then see him performing and go back in time to different points in his career. “Your Song” is playing throughout. That’s nice…but where exactly is this going? Well, stick around because the payoff is worth it. It’s a touching tribute to Elton John, who’s in the midst of his farewell tour, aptly titled Farewell Yellow Brick Road. And the hashtag #EltonJohnLewis is a clever one.

Buster The Boxer Stars In The New John Lewis Christmas Advert

Well uhh, current events have made the last few days a tough time (I realize there’s a lot of you who aren’t upset, but if you aren’t upset, you obviously run in a different circle than me). But hey, the new John Lewis Christmas ad just came out…those are always good for some heartwarming emotion. And a lot of views…it’s gotten almost 3.8 million views in less than a day. In this year’s, we meet Buster the Boxer. After his human dad sets up a backyard trampoline as a Christmas surprise for his daughter, he jealously sees wild animals gleefully bouncing around on it. Buster wants in! And so on Christmas morning, he seizes the moment and leaps on the trampoline before she even has a chance. Buster’s having a ball! Nothing revolutionary or groundbreaking, but cute work from John Lewis, created by adam&eveDDB.

The John Lewis Man On The Moon Christmas Commercial That Everyone Loves

UK retailer John Lewis is known for their yearly heartwarming Christmas commercials. They just came out with another one, featuring a young girl giving a gift to a lonely old man on the moon. If you’re reading this blog, there’s a decent chance you’ve already seen it, considering that it’s racked up nearly 9 million views since being released a few days ago. Here’s more about the spot from Adweek.

A Tiny Dancer Impresses In This New John Lewis Ad

When you’re home and nobody’s watching (or you’re home alone), you dance. You just do. Tom Cruise did. In this UK commercial for John Lewis’ home insurance, a young girl enthusiastically practices ballet around the house. The only problem is that she’s so passionate about her dancing that she obliviously almost knocks over a ton of the family’s valuable stuff. The song of course is Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”. Which contrary to popular belief contains no mention of Tony Danza. A very well acted and shot commercial.

There Have Been Some Amazing Christmas Ads Coming From The UK

Maybe it’s my associations with A Christmas Carol or Love Actually, but England, and London in particular, has always seemed like a magical place during the holidays. Perhaps that has influenced my views of these fantastic commercials from the UK. Since I’ve been bad with posting lately, I’m just going to touch upon a bit of the British goodness that has come out recently.

Awwww. This adorable story featuring Monty the Penguin is for John Lewis. I think what makes it even better is that we realize the penguin love story is all in the young boy’s imagination, adding a whimsical twist. The song “Real Love” by John Lennon (and sung by Tom Odell) is a perfect fit. This one was released less than two weeks ago, and already has more than 16 million views on YouTube. You’ve probably seen it.

Sainsbury’s has a beautiful spot that seems more like a mini-movie than an ad. It dramatically tells the story of the 1914 Christmas truce between British and German soldiers during World War I. Adweek has more info about the video. It’s also been a big hit, racking up nearly 10 million views in six days.


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