Monster Delves Into The Depressing Realities Of The Working World

Here are some new spots from Monster, the job site you may have forgotten existed (I kinda did). In the first, a boy who’s about to go to sleep asks his father what it’s like to work. Dad responds in a brutally honest fashion, which clearly reveals his dissatisfaction with the working world. And it might cause his son to have a juvenile existential crisis. In the second, we meet a woman named Sharon who’s slaving for many hours over her resume trying to make it perfect…only to hear the depressing fact that an employer will spend an average of 31 seconds looking at it. Sharon, the fact that your resume wasn’t automatically eliminated by an algorithm is a minor win, isn’t it? The bleak tone of these Monster ads reminds me of Halo Top’s brilliant campaign from earlier this year.




Indeed Shows A Recent College Grad Who Has To Move Back With His Parents

As someone who spent some time back with the parents shortly after graduation, this one hit close to home (pun absolutely intended). The young man in this Indeed commercial is always on his phone. His folks thought he’d be a little bit more motivated to find a job after graduation, but his phone. And then at dinner, he gets an Indeed notification that he’s got 3 interview requests for junior web developer jobs. Turns out he has been taking some action after all. I’m sure some baby boomer types will say that he should be more proactive and hitting the pavement passing out his resume in person, but nobody really gets jobs that way anymore, so whatever. It seems like unemployment among recent grads is a worldwide problem, since Indeed is also playing this spot in Canada, the UK, France, and the Netherlands. Michelle Jones plays the mom, Tom Jenkins is the dad, and Bryan Huey provides the voiceover. Anyone know who plays the son?

Monster Helps You Escape Your Horrible Job

Do you hate your crappy job? Do you have an abusive boss who snaps his fingers at you? If so, you’ll probably appreciate this new spot from In it, a giant purple monster snatches up a woman King Kong-style from her unhappy office job, before eventually placing her in a much better office situation. I also like the retro-sounding music…to me, it’s reminiscent of the classic montage from UpHere’s more info about the commercial from Adweek.

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