Volkswagen Jetta: Baby Got Bass

The bass with Beats Audio is really shaking in this Volkswagen Jetta ad, creating something that’s both visually and sonically attractive. “Baby Got Bass” is something of a groaner though. But “Betta Getta Jetta” is a pretty good tagline. The funky song playing is “Dear Sense” by Louis The Child.


Get Down In A Volkswagen…And You’ll Get Bigger Cars And A Bigger Family

This Volkswagen spot entitled “Luv Bug” is an entertaining one. A couple “rocks” their Beetle at a romantic overlook and then gets a Jetta with their new baby in tow. After steaming up their Jetta under the steely stare of an hooting owl, their family has gotten bigger, and now it’s time for an SUV. That SUV sees some action, and the ever-expanding family needs the new 7-seater Atlas. The next time we see their car rocking, it’s just the happy clan engaging in some G-rated shenanigans. The song playing throughout the commercial is Dean Martin’s “The Birds and the Bees.”

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