Progressive: Jamie Sings “Danny Boy” With Flo’s Parents

Flo walks into her parents’ living room and is surprised to see Jamie singing “Danny Boy” with them. As we’ve seen before, Jamie’s got surprisingly impressive pipes. And Flo’s parents seem to love “Danny Boy.” Her dad explains that it’s Sunday sing along and mom says that he helped them get a home and auto bundle. He’s been their insurance guy for five years now. Flo’s mom asks her why she’s never told them about those savings, and Flo exasperatedly says she’s told them a thousand times. Poor Flo.

Progressive’s Flo And Jamie Star In Bundle Overdrive 3: Terminal Vendetta

In their latest ad, Progressive presents the end of an action movie parody. Over faux-credits, Jamie proclaims that another bundle is in the books, and Flo tells him that his knowledge of Victorian architecture really paid off. Jamie brushes her off and says he just got lucky…and so did the Thompsons, whose faulty wire could have cost them a lot more than the mud room. But thankfully, they bundled their motorcycle with their home and auto. Flo doesn’t want to play more backgammon with Jamie, and they both spend every Thanksgiving with the Thompsons. I wonder what happened here. It’s dumb, but I chuckled. And Bundle Overdrive 3: Terminal Vendetta is an amusing name.

Progressive’s Still Working From Home And Jamie Has A “Beard”

The WFH saga continues for the Progressive gang. This time, Jamie apologizes for showing up late and for his appearance. When Flo says he looks fine, Jamie responds that he looks like a wanted poster since he didn’t have time to get his beard routine in. The key is maple nectar, which gives it that sheen. The others are rightfully confused of course, because Jamie doesn’t actually have a beard. Rodney finally asks Jamie if he knows what a beard is. Good question.

Progressive Shows Off Work From Home Foibles

There are three broad categories of workers right now. You’re either unemployed (or furloughed), an essential worker who has to leave home, or you’re working from home. If you’re working from home, that means your job probably pays more, but it’s got downfalls too. You might have to balance your job with your kids who are from from school. And sometimes, your at-home technology isn’t the best. Progressive has a new “WFH” campaign showing of the foibles of Flo, Jamie, Mara and the best of the gang. Mara doesn’t realize you can mute on Zoom and says a bit too much. The gang faces tech issues with glitching, Flo not connecting, and “discosnouts.” Plus, Mara doesn’t play nice when she and Jamie have to do a role playing exercise.

Progressive’s Mara Is Quite Unappealing To Men At The Karaoke Bar

Most of the ads from the Progressive saga focus on Flo or Jamie, but this time Mara (played by Natalie Palamides) gets her 30 seconds in the spotlight. We’re at a karaoke bar where Jamie is performing in the background, and Flo is sitting at a table with Mara. Male suitors excitedly try to talk to Mara, but then when she tells them about her back rash, her annoying laugh, or her obsession with saving by bundling with Progressive, they all back away. As the title of the ad states, she’s “Off the Mara-ket.”


Progressive’s Jamie Moonlights As A Server At Portabella’s

Is Progressive not paying Jamie enough? Anyway, his name is now Robbie, and Flo is Pam. Robbie namedrops the Progressive Name Your Price tool. I don’t like mushrooms, but I wonder if I’d like mushroom puffers. The group of friends thought they were just going for a dinner at Portabella’s, but now they wonder if they’re in a Progressive commercial. Especially since there’s a Progressive commercial on the TV in the background. The Portabella’s song at the end is pretty amusing. Andrew Delman plays one of the male customers…anyone know the others?

Progressive’s Creepy Cornfield Commercial

In its newest ad, Progressive manages to parody both Field of Dreams and (more prominently) Children of the Corn. Flo tries to reassure a farmer and his family after a tree falls on his truck. She tells him not to worry and that he’s covered…but Flo’s creepy speech pattern and her Progressive colleagues emerging from the cornfield just freak them out more. “We’re all here for you…all day, all night”…gahh. Flo thinks they put the guy at ease by speaking calmly and clearly, but Jamie thinks he heard weird voices while in the corn.



Progressive’s Jamie Has Vacation Photos (With Muay Thai!)

We already know that Progressive’s Jamie (played by Jim Cashman) is much more interesting than the butt monkey that he’s often portrayed to be. And now he’s got vacation photos to back that up. He’s showing some mundane pictures from his trip, when suddenly we see Jamie as a sled dog musher, performing ballet, tattooing a guy, escaping an explosion, and posing with one of his legal clients. Jamie explains to his befuddled colleagues that he’s only licenced in Stockholm. Jamie also was on a game show, and is a Muay Thai fighter (which is a completely different skill set than karate).

Progressive Presents “Progressive On Ice”

Progressive gets meta with this bizarre spot. Are you adequately prepared for the insurance-themed experience of a lifetime? Well, here’s “Progressive on Ice”! There are Flo and Jamie lookalike ice dancers shimmying away with house and car props. “But why?” Ice Dancer Weekly asks. The Family Fun Times notes “I had the whole row to myself.” Tickets are not available now or ever, but some YouTube commenters say they’d actually want to see this if it was a real thing. Silly, but amusing work from Progressive.


Progressive’s Jamie Becomes Step Jamie, Though These Teenage Boys Won’t Call Him Dad

When this woman brings home Progressive’s Jamie (played by Jim Cashman), and tells her teenage sons that they’ll be seeing a lot more of him, the sons obviously think he’s going to be their new stepdad. There’s a misunderstanding though…Jamie is only there to help their mom bundle and save with Progressive. The boys aren’t hearing it however, and one gets up for some more nuggets while yelling “You’re not my dad!” at Jamie. Jamie’s already got a nice house and family anyway. I’ll update this one with more actor/actress info when I find it.

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