Tuesday Throwback: John Jameson Attends His Own Funeral

I wrote about this Jameson commercial early in Commercial Society’s history, and I still love it. So badass.


Jameson’s Iron Horse Commercial

When I think of the brand that does my favorite commercials, Jameson Irish Whiskey would be a strong contender. In the past I’ve written about the Hawk of Achill and the ad where John Jameson arrives alive to his own funeral. Awesome. And now, Jameson has a new spot along similar lines. This one concerns a runaway train called the Iron Horse. I’m so glad the whiskey was saved and Ireland avoided the Prussian Incursion of 1807. Enjoy!

Jameson’s Hawkish Commercial

This is a great ad. I still think I prefer the story of John Jameson’s rescued whiskey barrel, but they’re both awesome. The Hawk of Achill is massive. Badass. The song is “Danse Macabre”, originally composed by Camille Saint-Saëns.

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