Jack In The Box Talks About Jack’s Bowls

The joke here is that “bowls” sounds like “balls.” That’s it. So Jack in the Box just runs with it for this whole ad. After a brief introduction to Jack’s Teriyaki Bowls, Jack comments about a male coworker’s nice bowls. Female coworkers also compliment Jack’s bowls. That’s when an executive breaks the fourth wall and says the lawyers aren’t comfortable with “try my bowls.” Also, “people love my bowls”, “check out my bowls”, and the billboarded “enjoy my balls” aren’t acceptable. I chuckled a bit, but only because I’m a child. Adweek absolutely hates it, saying that the commercial is completely tone deaf in the #MeToo era. I just think it’s not that creative, going for the cheap laugh. It’ll be interesting to see if this one lasts. What say you?

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