This Smitten Boy Gives Some Kerrygold Irish Cheese And Butter To His New Crush

Aww. This ginger boy meets his new classmate, who’s another ginger and came all the way from Ireland. He’s got a crush. He sheepishly checks out a book of Irish love poems from the library. And then he tries some Kerrygold Irish butter and cheese, and decides this would be a perfect way to break the ice. He approaches her while she’s sitting alone at lunch with his Kerrygold (and presumably a handwritten Irish love poem), and puts a smile on her face. He’s made a new friend…and maybe more. Cute. The soft song playing is “The Girl I Haven’t Met” by Nate Richert. Fun fact: Nate Richert played Harvey on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

The 2013 Joshys: #4-2

#4: Vodafone’s “The Kiss”

Simply beautiful. There’s no spoken copy and sometimes the less said, the better.

#3: Tullamore Dew

This Tullamore Dew ad made me want to jump a plane to Ireland. And the twist ending turns it from melancholy to weirdly uplifting and subversively funny.

#2:. Chipotle’s “The Scarecrow”

Lovely dystopia sounds like an oxymoron, but that describes the atmosphere for the majority of the video. Wonderfully shot. Fiona Apple’s hypnotic and haunting cover of “Pure Imagination” is the best use of music in advertising this year.

Tullamore Dew Tells The Beautiful Tale Of A Lost Friend

So much good stuff lately. This seems like more of a short film than an ad for Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey, and it’s a great one. Surprisingly for such an Irish piece, it was created by New York agency Opperman Weiss and directed by the British Laurence Dunmore. Impaccably shot, it shows a group of friends in suits remembering a lost friend. The rainstorm and graveyard convey the melancholy of death. And they are mourning a kind of death…one that the viewer doesn’t quite expect and which turns out to be weirdly uplifting. I was definitely surprised by what happened. So lush and green. And the song, a rendition of the traditional Irish/Scottish folk song “The Parting Glass” wonderfully adds to the mood. Just beautiful.

Jameson’s Iron Horse Commercial

When I think of the brand that does my favorite commercials, Jameson Irish Whiskey would be a strong contender. In the past I’ve written about the Hawk of Achill and the ad where John Jameson arrives alive to his own funeral. Awesome. And now, Jameson has a new spot along similar lines. This one concerns a runaway train called the Iron Horse. I’m so glad the whiskey was saved and Ireland avoided the Prussian Incursion of 1807. Enjoy!

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