TurboTax Uses A Teddy Bear To Show That Doing Your Taxes Isn’t Scary

I’ve done my own taxes ever since I was 16. It’s one of those things that seems daunting at first, but really isn’t that bad. One of the reasons it was easier for me is that I used TurboTax, which did most of the work for me. I just inputted the numbers from my returns, and TurboTax did the rest. In this new ad, TurboTax nails down the point that there’s nothing to be afraid of. A woman is cowering in a closet, while foreboding music plays. A shadowy figure approaches and she opens the door in terror. Why it’s just a small teddy bear dancing around! That’s not scary. Though some might argue that a squeaking, dancing teddy bear is a tad bit creepy. The woman now just looks confused more than anything. It’s a funny spot that’s getting rave reviews online. Anyone know who plays the woman?

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