McDonald’s Advertises Chicken McNuggets “Time After Time”

Pretty nice spot from McDonald’s. We see a young boy and young girl in side-by-side frames. The boy’s frame looks retro, while the girl’s looks like the present day. He’s playing basketball, and then passes the ball to her. He’s playing an old video game, and then a modern controller comes to her. The boy’s got a bike, and now she’s got a new one. The boy is playing with a stuffed dog, and when he gives it to her, it’s a real Corgi puppy. At McDonald’s the young boy enjoys Chicken McNuggets, and then (not too surprisingly), we see that he’s actually her father. He’s sharing his childhood experiences with her. Aww. We can debate about the nutritional value of McDonald’s, and about whether the new Chicken McNuggets are actually better for you, but it’s still cute. “Time After Time” is a song that always manages to sound beautiful. The cover is by Iron & Wine, AKA Sam Beam.

Vote The Josh In McDonald’s Texas’ New Contest

McDonald’s has a random ad in Texas that I just came across. It’s a nice idea…you can create your own burger at, and if your entry wins, you’ll get $5,000 plus your burger will be sold at McDonald’s restaurants in Texas. But as someone named Josh, I feel compelled to disagree with this ad’s argument. The Josh is a great name for a burger, and you should vote for it. Sure, it might not look as good as some of the other ones on the commercial, but it’s named The Josh. So it should win. Case closed.

This Commercial Sucks: Stupid People Write Stupid Tweets Celebrating McDonald’s Breakfast

McDonald’s introduced all-day breakfast yesterday, which now ends the frantic rush to get there by 10:30. They don’t have McGriddles on all-day breakfast though, so my interest is reduced. But a lot of people are really happy about it, as evidenced by these new commercials featuring ridiculous real tweets (and a few Facebook statuses) from McDonald’s fans read in a deadpan manner. Ads that use real tweets are inevitably terrible, because the tweets always seem to be written by mouth-breathing idiots. Anyone using the term “bae” should get punched in the face. I get what McDonald’s was going for here, but still, I’m not lovin’ it.

McDonald’s: This Man Wakes Up Extra Early For An Egg McMuffin

He’s up at just after 5 AM to get that Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s. He’s driving…somewhere in the morning dusk. He pulls up to a tollbooth and gives the Egg McMuffin to the attendant. Aww. And then we find out that the tollbooth attendant is his wife and he got up that early to bring her breakfast. Awwww. McDonald’s is on a roll with sentimental commercials lately. The song is this ad is “Let It Breathe” by Water Liars. By the way, some but not all McDonald’s restaurants will have Egg McMuffins as part of the new all-day breakfast menu.

This Couple Has McDonald’s Quarter Pounders After Their Wedding

Apparently at weddings, there isn’t a whole lot of time for the newlyweds to eat dinner. They’ll spend their time schmoozing with friends, dancing, and having awkward conversations with those distant family members that they don’t really know but got invited anyway. The meal often takes a backseat. In fact, the whole wedding experience is so stressful (and also intoxicated) that a majority of couples don’t even have wedding night sex. Anyway, in this new McDonald’s commercial, we follow a newly married couple at their wedding. At the end when they are getting into the limo to depart, they open the door and find couple Quarter Pounders, fries, and a note from the bride’s dad. “There’s never time to eat at your own wedding. Love- Dad.” Aww. Pretty sweet actually, but hard not to be a little snarky. It’s nice that he didn’t get stuff off the Dollar Menu, but McDonald’s? Maybe they just like Quarter Pounders? Or maybe he’s just a little broke from paying for the wedding and feeding everyone else? I guess we’ll never know. The song playing is “Lean On Me” by Telekinesis. Jaclyn Hennell plays the bride, while Josh Salt is the groom.

McDonald’s Adorable Lucky Penny Saga

Created by Leo Burnett Chicago, this new McDonald’s ad premiered during The Oscars. Finding a lucky penny is kind of a universal experience of childhood. So is missing the school bus, getting bopped in the face at an inopportune time, and being annoyed by your parents getting a flat tire. Of course, getting a flat tire in front of a McDonald’s is a joy if you’re a kid. Which leads to a simple and cute ending.

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